Our story

Founded in July 2017, NAP Créations is located in the center core of Laval at walking distance from de la Concorde subway station and 6 minutes away from Montreal. The company operates in the business of handmade Afro-Caribbean inspired clothing and accessories. We offer a wide range of handcrafted products including clothing, jewelries, bags, beauty care products, paintings and various accessories. A  clothing collection called SakPase Collection was launched in June 2019. SakPase makes modern clothing inspired by traditional Haitian clothing. Our products are made in our workshop and by our artisans-partners. Our products fill a gap in the market and are designed for all those who want to add a little warmth and color to the Quebec cold, our products are rich in color. More than 90% of our products are made by hand and almost all of the rest undergoes an artisanal transformation, which gives each of our products a unique character.
The company works together with artisans from different background and skills. They are from Senegal, Cameroon, Benin, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Congo, Haiti or Quebec. NAP Créations pursues a dual mission, it wants to be both a platform for promoting  entrepreneurs from ethnocultural diversity and a link between Afro-Caribbean culture and Quebec. 
We do want to make of NAP Créations your distinctive and favorite place. The company aims to become the benchmark for Afro-Caribbean-inspired handmade products in Quebec. Believing, daring and acting are the elements on which our values ​​are based. We believe in our ability to provide a unique experience to our customers. We dare to offer something different and we act to implement the ideas arising from our boldness and to anticipate the needs of the customers.
We are happy to make you enjoy the NAP Creations Experience, which is a concept based on a promise and a goal. The promise is to offer you superior quality products with distinctive features at a moderate price and world class customer service. The goal is to establish a long term relationship with you.